Find the Gaps - How to Find More Time, Income and Opportunities in Your Business

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Tracy Repchuk is an online marketing and social media strategist and speaker. She is an International best selling author, and has helped thousands of clients get their message out around the world. Tracy is an internationally acclaimed speaker and motivator in over 35 countries. She keeps audiences engaged with her ability to break down complex concepts and turn them into formula based success that’s easy to understand and do.

Tracy specializes in online marketing campaigns that build a cohesive corporate or personal brand using an integrated web strategy that helps you attract more leads, get more clients and make more money. Her web-based solutions are done with marketing and results in mind.

In addition she has appeared as a social media and technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, NBC, CW, FOX, HGTV, San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, 4 your money, Report on Business, Life Love’s Shopping, Daytime, Fox 5 Las Vegas, New Mexico Style, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN Money, King5, CW, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, plus 3 motivational movies.

Tracy has won awards for business, internet marketing, speaking, copywriting, book writing, coaching, and has been a finalist for awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year, Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year, Coach of the Year and Stevie Awards for Business Mentor of the Year, received Provincial Volunteer and software development awards and has appeared in the International Who’s Who in 7 categories.

Find the Gaps - How to Find More Time, Income and Opportunities in Your Business

If you are working too hard, overwhelmed, confused, wondering why something you are doing isn’t working, spending money and not having it produce results, looking for more clients, more income, or more results for less work.

Then I have good news for you. It’s NOT YOUR FAULT because it has taken me 30 years of being in business to discover if something isn’t working out the way you thought it would, there’s a GAP.

A GAP is something that is missing that you didn’t know it should be there. You could stare at the problem for years, and it won’t appear for you – UNTIL you are made aware of it.

In this course I’m going to take you through my proven Marketing Audit Checklist so you can reveal the gaps in your business and FIX THEM. You can’t fix what you can’t see.


...speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level in your business, with less effort, busy work and more streamlined automation.


Get ready to discover the 20 questions that will reveal your hidden gaps so you can:

- Find Your Missing Money
- Discover Where Your Leads Are
- Make More Money and Work Less Time
- Uncover the Simple Change that Will Double Your Income
- Work the 3 Major Areas that Predict Your Income

You will see for yourself how to get off the treadmill of busy work.


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