15 Pieces of Life-Changing Advice That Will Uplift You

We work with amazing coaches. Experts that help others be better in their careers, lives, relationships. Each expert is able to share remarkable life-changing wisdom. We’ve asked our coaches what the one piece of advice is they can share to uplift others. The lessons shared here by 15 of ...

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10 questions with Terry Sidhu

Life Coach and Founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc., Terry Sidhu is on a mission to "help evolve the human experience." Terry's intention is to teach and inspire independent mental health management and break people free from a cycle of misery and self-neglect. Utilizing his education in Marketing and ...

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Implementing Positive Change with Kimberly Braun

A conversation with TEDx speaker Rev. Kimberly Braun on what motivates and inspires her. Kimberly shares her top tips on how to implement positive change for individuals and corporations immediately. Kimberly Braun is an Ingomu Learning Platform Expert. Find her Learning Community "Essence Meditation Made Easy...For YOUR Health, Sanity ...

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