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With Spring Comes New Life

Today, April 16 is my 40th birthday and today, in mid-April, it snowed in the northeast. I have always enjoyed the outdoors but it wasn't until the past three years that I really began to appreciate the awe and wonder of God's creation. 

I began to learn from the earth and find wisdom in nature. The magical twinkle of fireflies in a large oak tree in the summer ignites childlike imagination and wonder. Full moon hikes with family and friends allow us to marvel at the changing leaves in autumn, robust with colors that are amplified in the moonlight. Allowing us to uncover the beauty of our own changes, and to shed that which no longer serves us in order to prepare for the next season. The winter brings snowflakes, unique yet powerful just like the spirit in each of us. With spring comes new life, bursting buds, the sounds of hylas and birds returning from migration. A sign of rebirth for everyone.  The Earth in all of its age and wisdom has much to teach us, year after year, if we just watch and listen. 

So, as it snows today, just as it did on my birthday last year, I welcome the cleansing snow and the rebirth of energy and promise that awaits. A reminder that all that was in this last year has made us stronger and more prepared for the next chapter. An invitation to stillness and to absorb all that Earth and nature has to offer. 

Photo by Sasha Lay


Bridgette Alpha Akins is a woman who takes pride in her Southern roots and Northern boots. Born and raised in east Tennessee she now resides in upstate NY (after a 10-year layover in eastern North Carolina). Like most of us she wears many hats but her favorites are wife, mother and cancer survivor!

When Bridgette moved to NY three years ago, she had the opportunity to commit to health and wellness through yoga, Orange Theory workouts and health coaching courses. Through this commitment she found herself in the best shape of her life and it turned out to be a literal life saver. It was through being healthy and in shape that her cancer was caught at an early stage. 

Bridgette’s cancer journey began in March 2020 when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer after only a few weeks of aggressive symptoms. Simultaneous with her cancer diagnosis, COVID19 shut down much of the nation. Bridgette with her husband and kids spent the next six months living four hours away with family that could help with the challenges of cancer, chemo and quarantine.

Throughout this journey she learned so much about faith, life, love and strength.  As a health coach, educator and ovarian cancer survivor, Bridgette hopes to inspire others in their own journey as she shares hers.

At Ingomu we believe that our coaches and team should reflect the reality of the world out there. We also believe that we should celebrate diversity, use our voice and actions to uplift humankind by making a positive difference in the lives of many. We interpret diversity broadly. It includes humans of every color, ability, background, orientation and gender identity.

In light of this we want to start celebrating diversity all year long. Throughout the year we want to share stories of how we as individuals, families, communities or teams have been positively impacted by diverse individuals. We are looking to honor individuals, people we may have never heard of. Your neighbors, family members, colleagues, community members…

In February we'll share stories about the positive impact and achievements of Black individuals in honor of African American and Black History Month. In March we celebrate Women’s History Month. In April its National Deaf History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage, Older Americans Month and Jewish American Heritage Month is in May, GLBTQ+ in June, Hispanic and Latino heritage in September, National Disability Awareness in October, and National American Indian Heritage Month in November.

We invite you to share your story with us and we’ll publish it in our blog and share in our newsletter. You can submit your story here. If you don’t have a personal story, but have come across a great story in your local media, let us know too.

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