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One Million Shining Lights

The recently launched Let Your Light Shine Movement, created by coach Kim O’Neill, aims to inspire and empower everyone on the planet to shine their light and be more of their authentic, beautiful self. In doing so, collectively, participants create "Heaven on Earth."

"When you shine, our world shines that much brighter. You inspire and empower the people around you, simply by being more of who you authentically are. Let your light shine." shares O'Neill.

The movement has a lofty goal of reaching 1 million people by the end of 2024. Simply, by sharing how an individual shines their light, the collective sharing of how people make a positive impact creates momentum, and inspires and encourages people all over the planet to shine and be more of who they authentically are in the world. The vision for this movement is seeing an entire planet filled with walking, talking, breathing, being bright lights. A planet filled with humans who know, own and embrace how amazing they innately are. One bright light brightens the next.

Since launch 15 days ago, individuals from 12 countries and 13 US states have already signed on to the movement and you can see their messages on Facebook and Instagram. You can join the movement yourself here.