Ingomu Learning Launches Lead Follow Up Service for Speakers

Speakers collect hundreds of business cards at conferences but don’t have the time to follow up in a timely manner. Ingomu LEADS supports speakers with this follow-up process, insuring that every lead is followed up with in a timely manner, and no opportunity is wasted.

Ingomu now offers 4 distinct services, including the learning platform, the virtual one-on-one or group coaching opportunities, and the option to live stream you virtually into meetings and conferences using leading virtual interactive technologies.

Our 4th and newest service is Ingomu LEADS.

Many coaches and speakers often collect tons of business cards and inquiries when speaking. There is little time to follow-up with these warm leads, and many leads will get lost. 

Ingomu LEADS will take this on for you, and unlike an agent trying to only sell your live speaking engagements, we offer a complete suite of services to your prospects, from live speaking (we’ll pass that on to your agent if you have one), virtual speaking, group coaching, online courses and recorded sessions. The goal is to offer an opportunity for every prospect and budget. 

So, how does Ingomu LEADS work?

This is a monthly subscription program, much like purchasing access to services at a co-working place.

What does the service look like?

- We collect the leads from you via email. Later this spring you will be able to scan business cards via our app and send them directly to us from your meetings and events for speedy follow-up.

- We call you leads, identify the needs and propose a service that meets their requirements and budget, from live speaking (again we can coordinate with your agent, should you have one) to live streaming, coaching, online learning community and recorded sessions.

- We’ll coordinate the agreement and work with you on scheduling, payment, etc.

- We provide a weekly online report so you stay up to date on the calling process, results and opportunities. We'll also let you know who has agreed to be added to your newsletter list.

- We’ll also manage any inbound leads from your Ingomu Learning page if you have one.

There are 3 packages, and custom pricing for large volume follow-up:

- A Lite package allows for follow-up of up to 50 leads per month
- The Power package allows for up to 75 leads per month
- The Enterprise package allows for up to 100 leads per month
- 100 plus leads per month would be a custom package


- Lite Package (up to 50 leads per month): $495/month
- Power Package (up to 75 leads per month): $745/month
- Enterprise Package (up to 100 leads per month): is $995/month

There are no longterm commitments.

If you are currently under a Professional Membership with Ingomu, the commission structure will change from 30% to 25% for coaches using this program.

If you are interested, click here to let us know and we’ll follow-up with you shortly. 

NOTE: This blog post has been updated with additional information on June 12, 2010.