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Business Waits for Nobody

Ingomu Learning partners with Richard Morin, author, trainer, public speaker and motivator to bring you the online course and mastermind entitled The 4P's: Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform,the key ingredients to success used by successful companies and winning teams.

Too often people fail to plan, which equates to planning to fail. To succeed in business and life you need the tools that help you create a plan, see that plan clearly, and prompts you to prepare properly and improve on your skills. Not having a plan will cause confusion, complacency and poor management of time and resources. Not having a plan will negatively impact your life and business.

Developed by Richard Morin, The 4P’s online course and mastermind is designed to help those who seek to build success in business and life. “I’ve created an easy to understand, simple to use system based on 30 years of experience gained owning and managing companies in the USA and Canada,” shares Morin. “The course delineates the steps required to empower anyone through the use of videos, workbooks and live online mastermind groups. Success is not magical, does not rely on luck, and is not “just” for others. Anyone can enjoy success, but to do so you will need discipline and a system to follow. My 4P’s will open up your way of thinking and provide you with the tools to create a path to success, whatever that may be for you or your business.”

The 4P’s online course includes six videos that walk you through the lessons; a course work book; support materials that participants will use as they create their unique reality, and a PDF copy of Richard Morin’s book entitled “YOU Working With YOU, A Roadmap to Self-Mastery”.

Learn more and sign up for The 4P’s online course and master mind group here.



Richard’s experience includes selling and managing sales to general industry, automotive and heavy equipment OEMs, governments, military contractors, mining companies, municipalities, and power generation. Through his tenure he has created and participated in success and has also been through some tough times which has armed him with the material that makes up his facilitations and programs. He has spoken to large groups throughout the US and Canada, and has trained many sales people, sales managers, general managers and presidents.

Richard’s material leans heavily on the ability and commitment of those willing to do what it takes to succeed. He urges participants to apply discipline as business and life itself is NOT easy, and one’s ability to “self-coach” and also coach others is critical.

He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, automotive dealership groups, chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs and has appeared on TV discussing business and success.


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