10 reasons why meeting planners are not hiring you to speak...


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Al has 30-years of international meeting management experience. He has managed meetings and events for 50 to 125,000 participants. He intimately understands the many aspects of the industry, and is especially fond of logistics, sponsorship development and event marketing. He has developed hundreds of speaker RFPs and worked with countless speakers around the world.

He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He ran event management firm A6 where he was responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events in the Southwest and in Atlanta, High Point and New York City.

10 reasons why meeting planners are not hiring you to speak

Lots of information is available to speakers on what to do to get hired by meeting professionals. Little of the advice comes from meeting professionals, the people who actually hire you. In this course we will address the 10 mistakes that destroy your chances to get hired by meeting professionals based on real-world experience. We will address the mistakes and provide solutions to implement immediately.


...speakers, coaches and authors seeking to increase speaking engagement opportunities, and have a better understanding of the meeting planner mindset as it relates to hiring keynote and session speakers.


This course includes a live 60 minute webinar, worksheets and a copy of the presentation materials.

In this course you will learn:

- To understand what meeting professionals are looking for;
- How to best work with meeting professionals;
- How to price, position and promote yourself for success;


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