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On a daily basis you aspire to be more. You want to be more successful. Be healthier. Be more relaxed. ​Be more financially secure. ​Be a better communicator. Be more mindful. Be a more effective leader. Have better relationships​ with your kids​. Be more valued.

Your aspiration – or as we call it: your be more - isn’t usually solved by watching one video, or participating in one webinar, or engaging with one coach. Most require a variety of expensive resources to get the desired result. Being more successful may require you to become a better communicator, but also work on stress related issues and nutrition.

Launching soon, the Ingomu App for Android offers you an opportunity to connect with more than 80 personal and professional development, and health and wellness coaches to help you be more. 

Connect with coaches in virtual live group sessions - we call them learning communities. Get your questions answered, learn from your peers, and build a valuable network.  Can't make a live session? You can always access it later​, watch the video or listen to it on the go. If you need more personal attention, you can ​even ​schedule virtual one-on-one sessions.

Imagine having 80 coaches at your fingertips helping you be more.


The Ingomu app features over 80 personal and career development, and health and wellness coaches. Coaches work with our subscribers on issues such as: healthy living, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, communications, marketing and sales, stress management, nutrition, yoga, dating, financial independence, applying for jobs, happiness, self-empowerment, and much more. Subscribers have access to all coaches, the live virtual learning communities and opportunities to schedule virtual one-on-one sessions.


Browse our 80 plus personal, career development, and health and wellness coaches and work with any of them. All for one low monthly subscription fee of $39US or $399US year.


Work with coaches in virtual live group sessions. Get your questions answered, learn from your peers, and build a valuable network. Get the tools and techniques you can put into action immediately.


Need a little extra attention? Want to work on a specific issue? Schedule your virtual private one-on-one session with a coach, directly from the app.


Imagine being able to grow great employees and advance your emerging leaders with one small monthly investment? With the Ingomu app, you can support your employees in career development, health and wellness, and even personal development without spending a lot of effort to schedule and hold numerous training sessions. With the efficient app, your employees will have access to dozens of coaches in groups and one-on-ones, for whatever topic they need or want to work on, anytime, anywhere. Picture the positive impact on your team by having access to over 80 coaches? Want to learn how you can grow your employees and build great teams? Contact us at or call 720.634.5283.


Sign up pre-launch and save $100US on your annual subscription. Only for a limited time and limited number of early adopters.

Regular pricing is $39US per month or $399US per year. 

Pre-launch special pricing is $299US for an annual subscription.


Meet a few of our talented coaches helping you be more. Check out our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages for more coaches.

Kim O'Neill

Preparing for Your Job Interview is the Key to Getting HIRED

Kim O’Neill is a certified Interview Confidence Coach helping job-seekers at all levels prepare for and excel at employment interviews. She has a professional background in Human Resources; B.A. degree in Communication Studies; ICF (2015-2018), Evidence-Based Coaching certification; and ample experience assisting organizations and individuals coordinate their hiring process and successfully prepare for interviews.

Jason Pryor:

Mental Resilience Training with Olympian

After graduating from Charles F. Brush High he went to The Ohio State University on Academic scholarship while being a member of the Varsity Fencing Team. The Buckeyes won the NCAA Team Championship 2008 and he received All-American honors his senior year. Graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of the Arts in English in 2009. Afterwards he was recruited to become an athlete at The Olympic Training Center in 2010. 

 In 2010 he began a six-year journey to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Team. The climb up the National and FIE points lists culminated in a year-long qualification process starting in 2015. There he fought for the #1 ranking in the U.S, defeated the #1 ranked fencer in the World and overcame a massive point deficit to finish the year 21st in FIE points and was the only American to qualify in Men’s Epee. Jason’s success in athletics he attributes to discovering his talent for performing under pressure and pushing the mental skills of his sport.

Brian Q Davis

The Warrior Selling Community

Brian has been in B2B sales for over 20 years across diverse industries such as aerospace and defense, enterprise software, digital marketing and healthcare. In the last five years, he has personally sold over $55M in software and managed services. He is a coach and trainer in customer development, sales, storytelling, strategy and the arts of pitching, presentation and presence-based selling. His personal mission is to help B2B sales people and entrepreneurs dominate their marketplaces without sacrificing their bodies, their marriages, their children or their souls. 

Marni Gauthier

Empowered Leadership: Leading by Building Effective Relationships

Marni partners with clients to develop leadership that serves their vision, goals, strategy and that of their organizations. She specializes in C-suite and high potential leaders who face a trenchant challenge, increased responsibility or transition. A deft systems thinker with a strategic-relational approach, she helps clients align their purpose and impact -- empowering them to close the gap between current reality and desired future state. Marni works at the level of mindset that underlies behaviors and actions. And she adeptly develops the practical behaviors vital to succeed. Informed by neuroscience, mindfulness, and through a discovery process rooted in deep listening, keen insight and steep expertise, she helps clients transform opportunities into breakthroughs and practices that catalyze growth. By improving client emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration and innovation, she spurs individual and business agility, healthy culture, and sustained results.

Mya Wilson

Creating a Compassionate Workplace for Diversity and Profit

Mya believes there is a leader in all of us and through her coaching practice, assists individuals in recognizing their untapped leadership skills to position them for success in roles that fulfill them both professionally and personally. Mya’s coaching practice is built on brain-based, analytical emotional intelligence data that is proven to help individuals lead more effectively and drive their teams toward success. She has coached leaders at every career stage, and more recently, has worked with mid-career and emerging leaders that are in need of better understanding of themselves and their leadership styles so they can start their leadership journey on their best footing.

Check out our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages for more coaches.


When will the app be available?

The app will be available in the 1st Quarter of 2021. Prior to the launch we're hosting a variety of virtual events open to pre-order participants.

Will the app work on my smartphone?

The first edition of the app will be available for Android devices. We're working on an iOS version of the app, which we anticipate to be available later in 2021.

I've pre-ordered, how will I have access to the app?

Once we launch you will receive an email with download instructions and account information to log in.

How do I contact customer support?

Best way to reach out is via email here, or you may call us at 720.634.5283.


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